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Yay! Our football team FINALLY defeated its first opponents today (well, last night; it's 2:17am at my house) So for the season we're 1 out of 3. But the main point is the marching band (of course). I felt really good after that performance! It was our best yet! Especially after last week--that was pretty bad :(
But everybody agrees--tonight was amazing! My grandma recorded the performance with my camera--it's a bit glitchy and poor quality, but the sound is pretty good and you can get what's going on and such:

Make video montages at www.OneTrueMedia.com

I'm definately proud of myself and I can't wait to get better! Apparently after the game when we were marching back to the band room a woman stopped our band director and told him how many years ago she was a part of the Rebel Regiment when it was being directed by this apparently extremely good director who led them to many accomplishments and trophies (not to mention he probably had a very dedicated group of students as well)

Anyways, she told him that the marching band meant a lot to her and that tonight was the best the Rebel Regiment had ever looked since the time she was in it! I'm very proud--marching band is a-ma-zing!

On September 11 my mom wrote a letter to the editor of the big newspaper around here about how she was upset with how the Democrats were trashing Sarah Palin and her letter was the featured letter on the 'letters to the editor' page! Here's a transcript:

'Strong woman' finds Palin much to her liking

Now there really is change on the campaign front, and her name is Sarah Palin.

Barack Obama is a typical far-left politician, except perhaps he is newer and has less experience than many. He claims to be different, but he sounds the same to me.

Palin on the other hand, sounds more like Ronald Reagan. She speaks plainly, clearly and in a manner that I can recognize as truth as I know truth to be in my life.

My daughter became pregnant as a teacher (not me, by the way), and I had encouraged and supported her decision to give the baby life rather than kill it.

I work hard in a nontraditional career field for women, and yet I am still a woman.

I am that dreaded thing--a "strong woman," which so many dislike, seeming to prefer the manipulators of the world. I don't shoot as well as Palin, but I could enjoy sitting down with her and having a cup of coffee and talking about life.

I can also trust her to do what needs to be done. If she can run the state of Alaska, then she has what it takes to be a vice president. It's a learning process, and she seems to learn fast.

What does Obama have as experience? Several sources say he had 143 working days in the Senate? What is that, four months? And if being in the Senate is a prerequisite to being president, than Reagan didn't qualify, because he was just a governor, too.

Now if the media continues to attack Palin's motherhood, they are really going to anger a large number of us mothers.

Why don't they ask if being president will take away from Obama's children? Or isn't fatherhood important?

McCain, and especially Palin, is change. I for one am glad to see it.

Isn't my mom awesome? I love that letter! And it got featured on the letters to the editor page--go mom!

I'm about to collapse from lack of sleep--it's 2:34 a.m. now, so I think I need to get to bed, haha



Don't forget about all the brave men and women who died because of the horrible ideals of the terroristic enemies of the United States and of the world. Do not forget how dangerous these people are and do not condone their beliefs because it's RADICAL, INSANE, and DEMONIC!

Remember the victims in your prayers and the families as well!



Today was a half day at school due to parent/teacher conferences--what a blessing :D

Afterwards we had marching band rehearsal--but it was storming cats and dogs and bandies outside! (haha) So for the first hour we rehearsed our show music then lined up in the cafeteria and learned the pre-game show since our first home game is tomorrow yay!

It was still storming so we went to sectionals and memorized the Star Spangled Banner which was extremely easy! Then the fire alarms started going off in the school--for no apparent reason...o.O?

It was still raining pretty hard when we were supposed to go outside--so our band director handed us all rain slickers and out we went! It felt really good in the rain--but a lot of people had their hoods up and because of how the jackets were made the hoods stuck straight up just like KKK outfits xD except they were blue with white seams. That or we looked like Harry Potter Death Eaters...haha

Rehearsal was fun--because instead of the Georgia sun beating down on us for hours, it was cloudy, rainy, and there was a breeze (plus we didn't have to take our instruments out there) When I got home I crashed and played The Legend of Dragoon, an awesome, but rather forgotten, Playstation one game from 2002.

Now to the main topic of my journal post--the video my mom sent me while she was at work--Dear Mr. Obama:



Isn't it great? I'm a hardcore Republican by choice through many, many hours of research and comparison between the candidates always proposed by the Democrats. And I've never agreed with them (D) once. Ever.

I'm starting a video study of the candidate John McCain--here's part one of my video series :)

Bottom line, I love the Dear Mr. Obama video and JOHN MCCAIN!



I'm so excited
! About half and hour ago my mom bought me and herself tickets to be on the dance floor at tobyMac's Greenville, South Carolina show! I'll be as close as you can get!!! THIS IS LIKE A DREAM COME TRUE!

Also, I watched the recording of the Republican National Convention on Fox and it was great! Rudy was extremely funny and Sarah Palin was absolutely hilarious! I think she'd make a better president than McCain--but I think it's a good thing she's running for VP first. And since McCain won't really be healthy enough in 4 years to run again, I think she'd make an awesome first female president! Have you looked at everything she's done for Alaska? She brought them out of a huge budget debt (they now have a surplus), she sold her private jet that was given to her as governor (she thought it was a bit overboard) and even got rid of the personal chef since she could cook for her family herself along with everyone else. To me, Sarah Palin is a real inspiration! To look at everything she's done, how open with the public she is and how much of a family person she is is absolutely astounding. She's my favorite political figure :)

Yesterday was picture day--which means we got to dress down (we wear uniforms at our school) and some black cheerleader wore an OBAMA shirt. I literally gagged when she walked in the room. Honestly, I've been researching my politics like CRAZY and I'm absolutely set against Obama. Just look at the man--no experience what so ever, has never even VOTED in Congress (never made up his mind), has only been to school, and also changes his platform on what must be a daily basis. He's all for raising every single type of tax that can be implemented on America and even thinks that in order to solve the illegal immigrant problem we need to support MEXICO'S ECONOMY even though our economy is what needs to help. Don't believe me? Visit the Immigration link under Issues on his website. I'm not kidding.

Two weeks ago I marched my first game for marching band! It was amazing! I was only nervous before getting on the field but the instant my foot touched that grass I was focused--no fear, no worry, no problems. It was an amazing feeling. Too bad our audience had to be the RUDEST PEOPLE in all of eternity! They didn't even shut their mouthes while THEIR OWN marching band was out on the field! Honestly, people have no clue how hard we work for those half-time shows! Stay in your seat and watch us, please! It doesn't take long and we're working to perform for YOU so why don't you just stick around?

Back to McCain, my mom for the first time in her life bought a political yard sign along with 3 bumper stickers, including one for my school binder, and a 'Students for McCain' shirt for me to wear on dress-down days at school, all sparked my the Obama shirt :D

I posted new videos on my youtube--and I've got plans for more. I'll embed them here too, just for fun :)

The first is of my cat Skylar having fun set to music :)

Show your support for John McCain! Join his website here!

McCain - Palin 2008


Today went by really quickly--for one thing I slept in until just before noon, because I'd been up until three in the morning today fighting with layout coding for my website. As soon as I got up my mom took me to Wal-Mart and we bought all the usual school supplies--paper, pens, binders, etc. I got some brand new green and white Nikes that rock my world :)
When we got home, we saw my cat Skylar crouching outside, stalking. My mom was just commenting on how we needed to mow the backyard when Skylar jumped at something and this long, black Indigo snake comes slithering out of the grass, running from my cat. Skylar followed it all over the place, batting at it with his paw (which it really didn't enjoy) and pouncing on its tail. He eventually chased it into our fire pit where we haven't seen the little snakey since.
After dropping off all the groceries we went to the high school for Open House--which was really fun, especially since I found out that my French teacher is a really energetic and funny guy! And if I take French in 11th grade for French III, I'll be able to go visit France on a class trip! That would be awesome, specially since my grandmother (whom I'm named after) is 100% French and came to live in the US as a War bride after WWI. She's got such an awesome history--she was actually on one of the beaches of Normandy hiding behind a tree on the edge of tje beach when it was stormed!!! She's got so many fascinating stories to tell--old people usually are that way [unless they're my other grandma; everything that ever happened to her is always told as negative negative negative!!!]
Anyhow, when I came into my room to sign onto livejournal, I turned on my decrepit TV to find that for some reason the entire screen is black except for one small, skiny strip down the middle where you can see little bits of whatever is on. I can surf channels and hear everything, but can only see one little sliver of color. Weird, huh?
About meeting Warren Barfield last night and the story about the pretzels--my mom was talking with his wife that night and found out that the pretzels thing was a lie, but that they did have a fight that night, but it wasn't about pretzels! Now my curiosity just might kill me!

w00t!!! Today I got to see Warren Barfield LIVE! Ok, ok, so I didn't have a clue who the guy was before I heard he was playing at this celebration for a Therapeutic Center my mom helps out at, but I went to see his concert and it was very amazing! He's a really funny and nice guy too! His songs were so meaningful and beautiful that by the end of the concert I was about ready to cry! I got a signed photograph, his latest cd 'Worth Fighting For', and a picture with him afterwards which was awesome :) Here are some photos I took (sorry; some are blurry. Warren's on the right, while his friend Zack Gray is on the left) :

Warren Barfield - LIVEWarren Barfield & Zach Gray - LIVEWarren Barfield - LIVE 2Warren Barfield - LIVE 3

Here's a video of his most popular song right now, Love is not a Fight. Apparently he wrote it after having an argument with his neat-freak wife when he dropped a pretzel on the carpet when friends were over and she scolded him. To show who the 'man of the house' was, he dropped an entire handful of pretzels, just to spite her. They got into a bad fight, he ended up telling her that he was going to walk out but in the end he didn't and that's what he's talking about when he sings about the angels guarding the doors. It was really funny to hear him talk about it and all his other songs, so the experience was really awesome and he sounds exactly like he does on his cds when live (unlike the majority of the famous artists today).

Such a beautiful song, don't you think? Absolutely amazing in my book :)

I've got school shopping tomorrow--I can't believe I'm starting High School next week! Where did this summer go?!?!?!

Also, I joined the community christianpeople, run by a friend of mine here on livejournal, Jessica. Go join!!!


Today I went to my nephew George's 'birthday party' (it was really just a gathering of me, my sister, my mom and grandma along with the soon-to-be-two boy George). It was so cute watching him run around play on the slides and ride the trike my mom bought him :)
We went to McDonalds after being at the park where he basically ran around and acted like a crazy little monkey again, haha

On the ride home I heard this song on the Christian radio station my mom always listens to (and I can't remember the title or singer) and it started out with how this person's son had his grave on the side of the road from where he'd been killed in a car accident and how she hadn't told him one last time how much she loved him and it was extremely sad--then it went on about how we live everyday etc. etc. and it just really left a mark on me. . .I mean, what if you're going to the store one day and just bam, it's over? I'm so used to not having any accidents that it's scary to think about it if it did happen. . .to me or to someone I loved.

Hmm, interesting to think about, huh?
(the song above isn't what I heard in the car--I found it on youtube and it makes you think a lot too)


*sigh* How many times have you seen someone act like a complete jerk just to be 'popular'? I know I see it all the time at my school. And I got to thinking on Friday during our lunch break during Marching Band camp when I was sitting with one girl whom most people consider my musical 'rival' because she's very good at the Clarinet just like I am. Anyways, she's got to have the sweetest mom! Her mom is always making sure she's happy and buying her stuff and laughing and joking with her and everything. But Shelbie (the girl) is just the rudest person I think I've ever met! Her mom came by to see her on Friday during lunch (I wouldn't have been sitting near Shelbie except that was the only table open) and was asking her about the corn she'd made for us and Shelbie got an attitude and told her mom that she didn't even like it and that she wasn't going to eat it. All I could think of was how on Earth could someone be so rude to their parents? And I knew what she was trying to do--since Shelbie's overweight she likes to be one of those heavy girls who won't eat in front of people because they want to appear like they're only five pounds etc. etc., and what's worse is she DRESSES like it. It's GROSS to look at! I don't want to see alllllllll her stuff hanging out like that! I'm no skinny minnie either, but at least I dress according to my size and don't try to be something I'm not! Then when her mom walked away she started talking about how marching was making her tired and how she was going to fake sick and go home that way she could just lie in bed all day. That really angered me, because it seems like NOBODY really wants to march around here! It makes me feel like I'm the only rookie who actually wants to give my all to this show and really make our regiment stand out this year. On top of that, she was also making it seem like I faked sick the day before just to go home, even though I really did have a high fever and was burning up even though we'd been inside for hours.
Isn't it pathetic how many girls are like that today? Shelbie has great potential to be a wonderful musician, but she likes to lay back and act like it's embarrassing to be in band and how she doesn't really want to and all this crap. It really angers me that girls like Shelbie make up at least 80% of the teenage population today. Never wanting to give their all, dressing in skin tight clothes, gossipping left and right, and never caring about anything except how hot some random guy is or when they'll be able to go shopping at Aeropostale again.

How utterly pathetic.

Have our standards really fallen that low?
What happened to beliefs and morals?
What happened to living religiously?

On a different note, my graphics site is just about ready for it's launch. I've been looking for affies now and sending out emails, so hopefully I'll be able to open it and start taking requests and such :)
This is completely random, but my 70 year old grandma has been playing around on this excersise machine my now health-conscious mom just got from a friends of hers, and it's pretty funny to watch it. Mom's been becoming a total health nut ever since she gave up smoking, which I'm proud of her for doing, but geez does she nag nag nag nag nag now!

High school's coming up. . .I'm nervous, but I've gotten a lot more confident now that like 95% of my acne is GONE! I've had severe acne since like 4th fricking grade and let me tell you, it's a pain in the arse! I've tried soooo many treatments, but  I've got to say Oxy really does the trick!


wow. Marching is a lot harder than most people give credit. Holding your hands up for minutes at a time in the hot Georgia sun hours and hours a day can really wear you out--and fast. After the first twelve hour day, my arms were sore and aching and I had a vicious sunburn on the back of my legs.
At first I didn't really want to keep marching after those first three hours of heck on earth. But then we started working on the actual drill for the show--and that was the best part. I don't know why, but I absolutely love working on our drill, getting it down perfectly, etc., etc. It's very addicting :)
Today was extremely hot and humid, so much that by the end of the first three hours, I was dizzy and lethargic, and started feeling sick. I sat it out through lunch, thinking that I was hungry, but when we were practicing the music inside a cold hallway and I still had sweat running down my back after an hour and a half of being indoors, I finally gave in and had another girl take me to see the 'nurse' (my friend's mom) and she put a cool rag on my neck. After a few minutes I was still burning up and feeling like I was about to puke. So I had to call my grams and go home, feeling like a quiter. And I still feel sick! And it's been hours...stupid fever.
Oh, and to top it off, my instrument has been screwing up so I can't play some high notes at times, and I also have to hold my Bass Clarinet without a neckstrap whenever we're practicing, and it kills my thumbs! (my bass is 100% thick wood and metal)

And after all this, they're thinking of cutting all the clarinet parts in the show if the upperclassmen clarinets don't start behaving. They told us that the first day of camp that we might get cut. They better not do it now--cuz if they do, that means no marching band at all, all year! And I think it's unfair to cut the rookies too when the majority of us except maybe two people have been acting excellent. All the regular clarinet upperclassmen SUCK at their instruments, and most of them are juniors/sophmores. It's pretty pathetic when you've been in band that long and you have a rubber band substituting for a ligature! It's also sad that all us rookies know our scales better than any of them.

It's no wonder they wanted to cut them! I'm ashamed to be grouped with such a lousy group of clarinets!

Today's rehearsal was....interesting, to say the least. First I had to run half way around the school to the car to get my instrument because I thought we didn't need them, then I ran all the way back to the music room to find that I needed the music I'd left at home. Luckily my friend Andrea had hers, which was a lifesaver :) But her mouthpiece was screwed up so I gave her one of my new Vandorren reeds, but that didn't work and then my Bass Clarinet was having a sticking octave key so I couldn't play some of the Tenor Sax music they'd given me (they didn't have Bass Clarinet music for our marching band), but the woman who was supervising the woodwinds fixed it YAY! But I had some more trouble with high notes (mainly because I was so nervous about screwing up on the first day) and I felt like an idiot during that rehearsal since I'd won soooo many awards for being an awesome musician, I felt so bad about not being able to shine like I usually do. *sigh* And I'd just gotten back from band camp on top of it, so that made my lack of talent even more embarrassing that night.

My middle school band director was there, and I wanted to talk to him about camp but he ran off at the end of the rehearsal, so I didn't get a chance to speak with him. He's a pretty cool guy; I wish I didn't have to get used to another band director this summer. Let's see, the High School band director makes him #5 just this year that I've been conducted under, haha.

All this band stuff reminds me that today I friended the  clarinetclique. The community is pretty awesome, so if you're looking for friends that are just as interested in music as you are, that's the place to go :)

Hmm, tomorrow starts our marching band camp 9am to 9pm in the hot hot hot Georgia summer outside for about a week and then we've got practices scattered all over the calendar, haha. Wish me luck!


Yesterday I got back after a six hour drive from North Carolina back down here to Georgia. I was at the University of North Carolina Greensboro attending their Summer Music Camp which is a total blast so if you ever get the chance, you should sign up for a week. I played a Bass Clarinet in one of their Junior Bands, and we had a pretty amazing concert Friday night.
I could swear I'd seen my roommate from somewhere! But neither of us could figure out where and how, but even she admitted she recognized me from somewhere as well. She's got a lot of family near Atlanta, but I live a long ways from the capital too. . .oh well.
The campus was really beautiful. I was lucky and got placed in the nice dorms while some of my roommate's friends were put in pretty dumpy rooms, even for a college. Our floor counselors kept getting upset because we would flood the bathroom floors accidentally because of the stupid broken shower heads, haha.
There was this one girl there (she was 12 and in a seperate band, thank God), but was she a drama queen for 12! On the last night before the concert and final day of camp, she went around to everybody's rooms weeping and moaning about how she missed her parents and blah blah blah. Everybody knew she only wanted attention, so no one listened to her (it was so obviously an act). So she called her parents at midnight and made them come pick her up. Then the next day she complained about how she missed camp and wanted to go back so her parent's actually drove her back for the rest of the day. If that isn't how you spoil your kid, I don't know how you do it.

Nothing much has been happening this summer that's really very interesting, even though I went up to Wisconsin (too long to explain the boredom and stress of being around my other half of the family). The High School screwed up my schedule and didn't give me any math courses (what idiots), so now we've got that problem to deal with...at least I have Marching Band to look forward to tomorrow. I just hope my shoe doesn't come untied during the middle of practice like it did the last time we practiced *slaps self on head*